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Zumbatards: Do not disturb and pollute the morning

By H L Bertido

Clip art courtesy of Sugarschack Animation

At the risk of being misunderstood, I would like to address this to the Zumba organizers who are conducting their so-called fitness exercise outdoors most particularly at the parking lot and open-air gymnasium along the capitol road area.

May I ask what right do you have to disturb and pollute the morning’s tranquility with your loud music spilling all over and annoying other people like joggers and runners who prefer and used to the silence of the sacred hours of the morning.

Please have a sense of respect and sensitivity to others practicing the traditional and correct way of exercising and never in the habit of shouting and screaming now and then like you all do. They all add to the atrocious noise just to get attention.

I have nothing against dancing as a form of exercise but kindly do it in the privacy of a fitness or dance studio. We have many of them in our city, so why, for god’s sake, at the parking lot or public spaces?

Sorry but people are not impressed and in fact annoyed. I am inclined to ask: do Pinoys have parking lot mentality? Have class please, go the fitness and dance studio!

Please hear this. Loud music is bad for the nervous system whether you are young or middle age because it assaults all the internal senses. It is not healthy at all.

The best exercise is brisk-walk, jog or run in conversational pace. I saw a middle-age lady on a bicycle and she look fit and elegant. She has all the class I’m afraid I could not say that to others in the parking lot who try so hard with their sports outfits wiggling their…oh never mind.

In this age of disturbing traits like our highest official cursing all the time in public and children and youth and the killing spree against suspected and guilty drug criminals and this- disrespect and insensitivity to other people’s welfare in the right time and in the right place. Has anybody heard of ethical standards today?

Most mornings I do my rounds around the capitol and feel helpless and violated of my right because of the noise pollution that’s taking over courtesy of some insensitive people.

I pray this people will continue their exercise but please not disturbing others and respecting the space and the tranquility of the morning which we must all understand and practice. The fitness gym awaits them.

Editor’s note :The contributor is a retired balikbayan and has participated in marathons the past years.

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