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Young movement artists conquer the stage


By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

Remember their names-Raymart Lamanilao Teves and Ma. Rosario “Fatima” Roseos- but remember even more their prowess as physical actors (not just dancers).

It is mesmerizing to see their grace and strength, in lead roles in fact, in the company of Dulimbay Theater, the resident performing arts group of Caraga State University, which undoubtedly the best in the region.

Watch them together as a pair in an ethnic ballet portion in “Soog Butuan” premiere night tomorrow, August 2 at Father Saturnino Urios University gym.

You would agree that they are indeed young movement artists to watch. So young and yet so inspiring as they give justice and depth to their craft.

Teves, 20, a biology major plays Bagon, a proud Lapaknon Bagani (warrior) and Roseos, 18,who started as a gymnast plays a river maiden with a difference.

Fatima Roseos as the Golden Tara.

Earlier, in previous productions, she played the Golden Tara.

Both coming from humble families, Teves hails from Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur, Roseos comes from Magallanes, Agusan del Norte.

Teves says he prefers doing cultural performances ( more than western dances) “because they have stories to tell and I transforms into a character which is challenging, meaningful and has integrity.”

For Roseos, she feels she has a lot to learn and wants to learn more character-based stories “to push me to level up.”

She says she always like moving as a performer-either as a gymnast, dancer, and now, “I see myself as an instrument of cultural expressions.”

Raymart Lamanilao Teves as a proud bagani (warrior).

Both are flattered and grateful when Richard Dian Vilar, acknowledged Mindanaoan stage director, actor, writer and choreographer picked them for leading roles.

“We, not just the two of us but Dulimbay itself are learning a lot of the basic musical theater from him,” says the tall and good-looking Teves, who is also a promising visual artist.

Teves and Roseos as a pair glide on stage.

Watch out for these two together with the dynamic Dulimbay theater in this original movement-musical, set to music and lights by Kaliwat with the FSUU-based Voices of Light Choral.

As we all say it, there is no reason why we should not see it. After all, this is about us.

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