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Yoginis conquer Libjo’s Blue Lagoon and beaches

By Bryan Edulzura

It’s the perfect outdoor fitness destination while basking the “addictive” coastal attractions of Libjo, Dinagat Islands.

For enthusiasts of “Yoga on Wheels” fitness and tour project, it was an ideal time and place to stretch and chill like no other.

We did warrior, dancer and messenger’s postures on secluded sands, coves and the mystical Blue Lagoon. Where on earth can you do classic yoga standing postures? It’s not only healthy but compelling to the spirit as you engage with nature around you.

As our Yoga leader, RJS says, “a vacation or escaping away merge substantially with easy fitness.”

I do agree, it was fun too. Even more if I have brought my yoga mat. With us on this working-vacation two weeks ago was Katrina Centeno, travel blogger-photographer.

We lost no chance to do high-jumps, feeling so revitalized. High-jumps and clapping of hands, I learned, are part of Yoga’s routine as expression of freeing oneself from pressures and emotional burdens. Yoga postures underwater are recommended as they embrace the dynamism of complete exercise and even meditation.

Libjo is suitable uncrowded spot to practice discipline fitness while engaging the outside world. The coastal town three hours sail away from Surigao City is readying itself to welcome discriminating tourists from all over the world.

But it strongly recommends to forge assistance and coordination from the municipal tourism office (Libjotourism). The said office would like to professionalize local services by gathering all stakeholders for effective exchange between guests and local communities.

Photos Katrina Centino

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