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Yoga on wheels: Wellness, travel and tourism ‘deliciously’ combined

By Bryan Edulzura

The origin of “Yoga on Wheels” tour project started in the banks of Agusan River where the replica of the ancient wooden boat “balangay” is now displayed as a visitors destination.

A few years ago, Monching Sarabosing, a creative writer and Yoga practitioner had the idea of holding Yoga asanas (exercises) outdoors and bring his gang to join him either early in the morning or late afternoon.

A selfie or a groufie while doing the postures won’t be bad too, in fact, it would add fun of a real exercise while doing short travel and expose to local culture.

“This is a new approach to fitness, travel and tourism I should say,” Sarabosing says, being a travel and culture writer as well.

He was thinking why not bring a yoga mat while traveling and learn local culture? “I thinks it’s a productive and worthwhile idea and you become a better person when you get home.”

Earlier, he was traveling across Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia and didn’t do much yoga and got exhausted easily. Now he doesn’t get tired even if he hasn’t much sleep.

“If you’re on vacation and still stretch, you be inspired to move around and learn more,” he said.

His small group has been to Siargao, Bislig City’s Tinuy-an Falls, Camiguin Island, Duka Beach in Misamis Oriental, Bohol, Cebu and lately the mountains of Marilog the border town of Bukidnon and Davao.

So who says it’s not possible to have a weekend or holiday vacation without a “powerful” stretch and feel healthy and rejuvenated? Not Monching, who is the most productive traveler-seeker this author has known (being his former yoga colleague.)

Yoga on wheels tour project is planned months before and anyone can join provided they be interested to do yoga and bring their own mat.

The group is limited to eight. In the planning stage are the beaches and coves of Dinagat Island, the Calo Horse Farm in Cabadbaran City and a new outdoor yoga studio opening soon in Butuan.

Saturdays, when not on tour, he holds yoga class at 7 o’clock in the morning at Terra Nostra, a fitness and dance studio. This class sort of a “training ground” to those who want to explore the outdoors and tourist spots but long to be consistently fit.

Truly for the adventurous and healthy spirit.

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