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‘Yes to foresters, no to mining engineers’

By Justino Red

Passing by Caraga State University (CSU) main campus in Butuan was heart-warming and inspiring to see portraits of the list of graduates of the College of Forestry. Finally, this nation is officially recognizing the institutionalization of environment graduates and heroes or this country would end up swallowed by the greed of men in the guise of development and industrial progress.

If there are no forward-looking citizens concerned and actively protecting our environment and God-given resources, our mountains go bald, exploited and lifeless, our seas becoming a garbage pit and we have nowhere to go and become beggars.

Since the male specie is programmed to be macho, the title and position of “engineer” sounds superior to them and would not mind to exploit the land in exchange of a “fat fee” from their destroyer-industrialist-masters. They do not care if it weakens the integrity and might of the planet.

So what is the use of the so-called disaster prevention programs when you have man-sponsored landslides and floods?

They have countless justifications but could not see the destruction and natural imbalances. We ought to call them destructive engineers. May their tribe decrease for the sake of the health of Earth and the survival of the next generations.

Forestry the other hand, is a valuable profession and foresters should be admired, emulated and encourage because they safeguard and put into practice the ideals and respect we all should be giving back to our planet.

Years ago, mining students held a rally against environment heroine Gina Lopez for her stand and political will, which no government official with balls can do.

Alright, the students had the right to protest and because they were sponsored by mining companies, why don’t they migrate to Africa and South America? Let them exploit and eliminate the African and Latin American jungles. Maybe the tigers and rhinos can help them.

Finally with the new batches of foresters ahead and the lord’s guidance, there is a reason to be inspired, hopeful and optimist to the future of our nation.

No longer do we fear of losing our forests and mountains and bodies of water gone to waste and dirt. Our honorable, humble and brave foresters and environmentalists will take care and lead us to embrace, protect and heal our beloved planet.

Artwork courtesy of Davide Reneke


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