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Yes Linda, there is Yoga in Butuan-and it’s for all

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

Feeling stress, heavy and bored? You need to breath deeply and stretch your arms, feet and body to feel good and healthy.

Why not join my Yoga class early Saturday night at Terra Nostra Dance and Fit Studio (Narra Road, back of PNB side) and sweat it out and relax.

No dear, this is not a new exercise program or uso (trend) as it’s been practiced and taught a century ago by Oriental sages and wise men and women.

Today, it’s done and sustained “silently” all over the world, and not just any other “escape” exercise activity but an important part of a healthy lifestyle change/improvement.

For a few years now, I’ve been doing it with a few practitioners, mostly of women of substance and age and even children.

I got an unforgettable hyperactive boy who’s lovable even if he runs all over the place. And how cute when he tried a balancing pose-the half moon balance- with the support of his loving dad.

Women come and discovered their sense of balance, strength and flexibility as they stretch themselves to the limit wanting either to lose weight or get fit.

The author with some of the Yogi-practitioners at Terra Nostra Fitness Studio.

When I asked them after a challenging pose and postures like the Wolf, Spider’s kick and upward facing-dog, they said it’s rejuvenating.

It is sad and unfortunate that men think Yoga is only for women. There was a male lawyer who was apprehensive to try it until he learned football, basketball players and other athletes and celebrities in Western countries are doing it, and insisting it as part of their preparation.

I used to mountain bike and played tennis and now does brisk walking and Yoga helps tremendously in terms of flexibility and endurance.

Of course you don’t have to aspire to be an athlete, you do Yoga to help you balance and in control mentally and physically. This is what exercise is really all about.

In my class, I include Body Wind Exploration (BWE) to compliment and prepare focus and concentration. It is my idea of a warm-up, you see, Yoga is not just stretching the physical but engaging the mind.

An idea most people don’t know because they think an exercise is about moving fast and end up dead tired and grasping for breath. Abig no-no for people beyond 30. BWE by the way is inspired by Tai Chi Ang Qigong.

I am in my middle fifties now and some of my high-school friends way back commented I surprisingly don’t look my age. I tell them I stretch like a grasshopper, the camel and the turtle, even the cat and feel so good and alive.

I am not telling you to believe me, all you do is to try to do it and discover for yourself, sweat it out, and if you like it, stick to it. You be surprised how good and “new” you would feel.

Now, wanna try the spider kick ?

Photos Robert Andaya

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  1. Therese Vergara Therese Vergara

    Thanks Sir Mon for teaching us Yoga. Am beginning to like it a lot!

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