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Yes, I’m vegetarian, and loving it

By Sally Joy R. Bungabung

Food is basic but almost always, taken for granted.

Let me ask you, do you think of what you eat? Have you asked yourself why you are eating this that kind of food? Do you think what food is good for you and best for your health?

In my family, because we are Ilonggos, food is a big thing. It means when we eat, we really eat much (being a big family too) and with gusto!

Mom made us appreciate the food on the table with her presentation and setting. There was always soup and the main dish consisting of two kinds of heavy recipes-meat and poultry and seafood plus side dish of salad and dessert.

This made a mark in me that food be given importance because it is an expression of love and tenderness. my mom’s expression, clearly, was on the food she served us everyday.

This included the home-made -baon painstakingly packed for each of us children going to school. I could have passed on this gift of serving food to my own family as life went on. But I did not. You know why? Because I became a vegetarian.

Now let me explain and give some background information.

Vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat (red meat, poultry and all animals, fish and even insects as well as abstention from byproducts of animal slaughter.

Also, vegetarianism can be adapted for several reasons and contentions.

Many practitioners object to eating meat (animal food) out of respect for sentient life. Others are health-related, political, environment, cultural, religion, aesthetic, economic, or simply personal preference.

On my part, I now serve only veggies because I see to it my family will get the best healthy food. In the scheme of things, one will find that eating meat, poultry is not good for the body.

Yes, they are delicious, addictive but harmful to one’s health. (Guess what cause many types of cancer and other internal diseases.)

Instead of uniting the family, I placed a dint into the relationship because I expressed my love
seriously and with all my being. I challenged them to think for themselves and not just be served.

I let them know that loving is not in the doing, or in presenting or in the eating but more powerfully in the intention and vibration one places to the food preparation.

It is giving with yourself. I cannot serve my family or people I cared what I think is not good or healthy for all of us.

It is a shift in the way of thinking, that of food to sustain and not just to fill the stomach. Whew!

I think mom would be happy and relieve, seeing the practice of the essence of her being a nurturer in a real, sensible way, instead of just following her footsteps literally and passing on the gift of tradition.

Are you a conscious eater? Are you loving? do you have a progressive and open mind?

Join the growing number of gentle vegetarians around the world. You’re doing yourself and your family a favor.

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