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Wish ko lang this Christmas: Butuan do a Tangub City act

By Rob Bernaldez


Tangub City in Misamis Occidental is a small city, perhaps the smallest in Mindanao but it has done what other big cities have not.

Tangub has transformed itself to one interesting Christmas “village” and no wonder evenings found people from all walks of life coming here all the way in cars and buses from other towns and cities in nearby regions.

“I’ve counted 544 cars tonight (Dec 25).” Announced Antoy the household help who volunteered to do (the count) to answer our curiosity how many people come to the actual Christmas site.

Colorful Christmas arcs, palaces and temples are sight to see in Tangub’s Christmas fantasy land.


Tangub is known (or calls itself) the Christmas Symbol(s) capital of the country though if you ask me, I would rather call it the ideal Christmas park this side of the Earth.

This is like one big-budget movie set, I could not help observed as I walk from the center to the corners of glittering shapes, colors, illusions and fantasies.

For children and ordinary folks, the park spells magic.


As I stared at the bright Pagoda in front of me, I heard a voice behind me. “Mao ni pasko, dili tinuod.”

I turned around and I saw an old man with Santa Claus cap. I wanted to ask him if it means Christmas is escapism? ( If it is it would be another story.)

A few nights later, someone commented maybe they (the local organizers) go Mindanaoan theme and our host told us they’ve done it before so its world destination theme now.

One could not help ask have they done Mt. Apo? Maybe the ancient Turogan Maranao house in Marawi City? the spectacular Tinuy-an falls of Bislig City? The colorful Vintas of Zamboanga?

The tribal village of Lake Sebu in Cotabato?


I trust the people of Tangub will come up with such creativity and showcase these, maybe a year or two from now.

And perhaps (I wish) my City of Butuan can venture into this kind and do more than just Christmas tree lighting at Guingona Park.

Wish ko lang, ha.


Photos Bada Torralba

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