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Why the middle-class don’t watch the Manila Film Festival

By Angelo Villamor

The trouble with Manila-based Film-makers is that they think the whole country is peopled with “palengkeras” (market vendors) and uneducated they feed the Manila Film Festival with trashy movie entries.

Where in the world can you find mediocre movies in a film fest? Only in Manila. It’s a festival, for God’s sake. It’s suppose to exhibit the best of the best, not garbage the likes of slapstick produce of Vice Ganda and Vic Sotto. (Slapstick in case you don’t know, is the lowest form of comedy.)

As one critic once said, the MMF is organized by a Manila government agency task to collect garbage. No wonder the film-fest is a collection of predictably boring, dumb slapsticks.

Now, even the organizers and producers have the gall to feed garbage the whole nation simultaneously. Talk about imperial Manila.

Fortunately, the middle-class don’t bother to watch them. They will rather wait for some independent produced movies rather than agonize watching the cheap, screaming gay-inspired worthless movies.

Why not level up and come up with a truly quality film festival from other cities. We have brilliant independent film-makers from Cebu and Davao provinces. This could be the time to show their worth.

But since movie houses are owned by opportunist Chinese businessmen greedy for overwhelming profit, the “small” film-makers don’t have a chance in their own country.

Films are not only entertainment but also an educational tool, whether you like it or not, it is a means like all field of art, to uplift the mind and widen perspective. It helps build a better, sensible, intelligent society.

It is a “classroom in darkness” to light the path of every man.

It is frustrating that even a former Miss Universe appears in a low-quality movie when her title is supposed to represent universal quality and taste but look what she is up to. A project meant for the dogs.

Shouldn’t she be in a life-changing movie to inspire, educate the “masa?” What is she a woman of difference when her work cannot be taken seriously? Is money all there is to it?

But we are dreaming of well-made intelligent and entertaining movies. We wish a lady with a world, rather a universal title can lead the way.

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