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Why the ‘masa’ should see this movie

By Saberra Cruz

I went out of the cinema house after the historical film, “Quezon’s Game” ended and I felt proud, sad and disturbed.

Proud because the movie is elegant and universally sensible, well written with terrific actors and cinematography and it’s about the Pinoys. Sad and disturbed because I wish a lot of people will see it—the movie house almost empty, and disturbed the “masa” have not risen its taste when it comes to mainstream movies beyond mediocre, escapist ones.

Maybe I should not be surprised, after all our level of taste in entertainment is trap to the likes and category of Eat Bulaga and Showtime and those predictable, senseless teleseryes feed to the masa.

“Quezon’s Game” has so much power, not in terms of fast-paced action but intelligent and uplifting historic information. This is one of the few history-based movie interpretations that our Pinoy filmmakers, mainstream and independent, came up with marvelous gems.

It is sad that Pinoy viewers, including supposedly the middle class do not patronize because they are like living in the cave when it comes to selecting locally made movies.

A friend of mine, an English major graduate and teaches humanities is one. She teaches but is ignorant of the development of Filipino art. I wondered what goes in her class. does she even know what she is teaching?

Once I asked her if she had seen the movies of world-renowned Filipino directors Jerold Tarog, Brillante Mendoza,Lav Diaz and other independent filmmakers, she replied she has not heard of them.

Yesterday, I could not contain my emotion and texted her to watch the film because it will make her a better humanities teacher. Thankfully, she replied, she would as it made her curios.

I wish the masa get curios too, and graduate to sensible movies to help their taste level up. But then, do they care? Somebody please help this country. If not even a humanities teacher can—and it’s supposed to be their job—who will?

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