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Why I run as kagawad

By GS Gador

I have never thought I will do it. I have no political aspirations whatever and the highest position I ever have had was as class mayor in grade six and second year high-school.

It was cool but taxing because you get all the blame the bad things your classmates did. It was hard to control and discipline people.

Also my belief in national politics and how the government is handled and run by all egoist and questionable character-leaders discouraged me.

Look at the news on TV and you lose faith in our leadership.

So I thought why should I run and be part of running a country, even at the lowest level and be counted as little political minion, a member of a local cheering squad and so on. I don’t like to belittle myself. I think I can do more than that.

That is when I finally realized I have to turn upside down my thinking and take part of running the concerns and issues of our community. I can no longer be forever a critical member with no power and no voice. It is time to stand up.

Many of us ordinary citizens are disappointed with our barangay officials because they have not reach our expectations. They are not on our side but on the side of arrogant, controlling higher-up officials identified with the mayor, governor and senator.

They are the highest ranked “sipsips“ of the land and our barangay officials in turn, are the lowest rank “sipsips,” not a honorable titles or names to be called.

That is why I run because I am angry at the system and I want to change it. I am sick of it and want to stop it.

Many times I heard our barangay did not move on or improve because our leaders are lazy and uncaring. We hardly heard of barangay meetings or most officials do not attend.

So how can we expect to see a progressive community in terms of economically, an educated and principled society?

If I win, I would like to initiate or put vision and then act on it I would like to challenge the others to do the right thing. That we owe it to ourselves, to our neighborhood, even to our country to make a difference. This should start in our own little community and the rest of the world will follow.

If we keep complaining our helpless situation like bad roads, we will always have them if we keep on waiting for the powerful people’s election promises.

Why not empower ourselves by showing them we can do it and we have enough of beggar’s mentality. We should not beg for it, we must demand it. We have the right, or did we not deliver votes?

Or even if we did not, we can show them we have a mind and hands to work on.

I run as barangay kagawad because I would like to be a proactive citizen to help my poor village by the sea. I was fortunate to get an education and I will use it because first and most of all, my people in the neighborhood must make use of it. I owe it to them

Editor’s note: The author is a graduate of AB Education and attended a creative writing workshop.

Artwork courtesy of Dreamstime



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