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Why I don’t join fun runs

By H L Bertido

Don’t get me wrong, I am a number one believer and promoter of running as a means of exercise. But running as in slow pace or jogging as commonly called and not the way teenagers and amateurs run in an ignorant, careless way.

We always see this kind of so-called exercise on crowded Saturday mornings and fun-run events that actually don’t count much.

It’s nothing but a meaningless outdoor social event. It’s plain riding the uso-uso (trend) syndrome. It’s what the average Pinoys do, sakay-sakay, uban-uban sa panahon they don’t even comprehend.

I have deep admiration for serious runners cause it reflects their level of discipline and outlook in life. They are never lazy.

Yes, discipline, consistency and strong will are what separates the true achievers from the mediocre.

Sadly very few attain this level. Many pretenders join fun runs or wiggle their butts in parking lots to show off what they really are-envious mortals who cannot achieve much in life.

Some parents even bring their kids to fun runs for so-called bonding time. But this outlook towards running as fun is wrong and distorted. It becomes shallow physical activity.

Running is work, or you work to have a good run and exercise. This is not fun time.

But the best running activity whether you are amateur or serious is not on urban highways, not when traffic starts to build up and for other obvious reasons, pollution and dust, irresponsible and disrespectful drivers. Runners should stay out at this time. It’s not healthy at all.

And one should run before the sun is up in uncrowded streets like the rural (or provincial) roads as its called. Make sure though you savor the early morning sunlight on your face because it’s vitamin and nutrient.

This is the magic formula of good health. This is what responsible running (and brisk-walking) can give you.

Editor’s note: For the record, the author is a long time marathoner in the country and abroad.

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