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Why honoring the Sto. Niño comes second to Sinulog, Kahimunan, etc.

By Johannes Yul Rosauro

Any way you look at it, honoring the Sto. Niño, the child Jesus is secondary popular to the celebration of Sunulog, Kahimunan and other festivals meant to draw people of all colors and ambitions.

The religious aspect is optional to many because the idea is to have fun-to be dazzled by the noise and action, and the more crowd attending, be at the grandstand and the streets for the street-dancing, the more “bongga” the festival is.

In reality, the event becomes nothing but a commercial event.

The tourism industry is all smiles capitalizing on “more fun…” because their pockets have expanded. Talk about scheming opportunities in the name of development and riding on the wings and power of God.

This practice becomes standard operating procedure (SOP)-the religious spirit belongs to the church, the “rah!””rah!” “rah!” handled by the government and business sectors and the “madlang” people glued to “Bulagaan” and “Showtime” level of entertainment.

Naturally, they want the real feast-fun, food, fun, food. Only in that order.

The Church leave it that way. Either they are comfortable with it or not or is recipient of the commercial success of the holy feast. Everybody gets rich.

Now, people in Mindanao and Visayas don’t have to go to Cebu to see the Sinulog and if they have time, take a glimpse of the Santo Nino because nearly every barangay in the city or towns have their own Santo Nino fiesta and little Sinulog and what not.

Again and again, the lure is the street dancing utilizing the “native expressions” before those poor “natives” become Christianized.

How convenient for so-called educated people steal other ancient people’s beliefs and traditions to advance their tourism industry and what not.

How Christians can we get.

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