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Why gidili lost it to bawal?

By Yul Rosario

Don’t you find it strange or funny that we no longer say “gidili ang pag-pangihi dinhi” (urinating here is prohibited) instead we say “bawal ang pag-pang…” Yes, we say bawal, instead of gidili. What’s wrong with it?

Is this a case of being of “imperialized by Manila?” or we are too lazy to verbalize 3 or 4 (ginadili) Bisayan syllable word?

Now, the word gidili is like what’s happening to the Philippine Eagle, the national bird and the mountain forests and islands of Caraga (no thanks to mining), it has become an endangered “specie.” Or call it a reality disappearing.

Well, sort of, don’t you think? Come to think of it, why is it so hard to say gidili when it’s more straightforward and real than the often the abstract word in tagalog.

Besides, if you’ve gone through college (which most of us do) and attended Humanities as subject, you learned its more poetic and culturally identifying.

In general, is the Bisaya language slowly vanishing? Probably not and should not. Or some of us just too critically observant?

But isn’t this a sign of times to come? This may sound funny or ridiculous but careful, we might end up discovering and asking later where did the Bisaya words go? Swallowed up by another language, we don’t want that, do we?

Another sad reality is connected to names. We are fond of using American names to our children like Nicole, Kevin which seem too far-out to the exotic Malay appearance of the kids who look more real and appropriate. Colonial mentality has gone too far!

More beautiful and meaningful names like Amihan, Malaya and Mabugnaw proudly reflects a part of our original brown identity. No one can accuse us of unimaginative race.

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