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Why entertainers make mediocre, useless public servants

By Didi Lozano

A mediocre, low-brow and cheap entertainers naturally make bad public officials/servants in the field of information, education and social service. But in fairness, you wonder how on Earth they even got such positions. Blame it on equally brainless officials in government who recruited them.

Can you imagine a serious, political-reforming issue gone down the level of the lowest form used and emphasized with the private parts? Indirectly promoted in the form of entertainment, it smacks of stupidity and insult. Where is this country going but to the dogs?

And can you imagine an entertainer who flaunt her body as her passport to her perceive talent when she has none. All she had is guts, loads of “kapalmuks.” You know who she is, don’t you? The sinister dark creature of fake news and alibis. God save this country!

Why, oh why should we protest having them in government to prevent this nation gone really to the dogs (no offense meant to those intelligent and lovable members of household).

Simple! Those entertainers turned public servants do not have the perspective, sensibility and sensitivity for serving people’s welfare other than making them laugh and nothing else.They are not artists (as some pop entertainers claim to be) and cultural workers. They have no vision, mission and training to help uplift the community through the arts.

Artists and cultural workers believe in their hearts and practice art is a tool or weapon of education and human expansion. It is not just entertaining where one join the fun and forgotten.

There is absolutely a big difference between artists and entertainers. Artists are dreamers and shakers. They are intellectuals who help raise the country up like well-meaning politicians, lawyers, academicians and other professionals, even farmers.

It is downright funny and ridiculous that the nation is talking about the infamous media-assist masterminded by a notorious and questionable “media expert” who dance and sing her vulgar way to the under arms of power. Somebody please stop this kind of filth exhibited to the public.

We dream of a federal government like most countries in the world today born out of respect and dignity.

Artwork courtesy of Hot Manila

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