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What it means to be a Christian

By Renato Blas

I have an argument with a friend the other day. Maybe it’s my fault because I displeased her when I said Jesus Christ was not really born on Dec. 25 but on another date in the middle of the year, I meant no offense.

She said how very “unchristian” of me distorting the birth of God and she got even more angry when I corrected her Jesus Christ was not God but the son of God like many of us in Christian societies. I see nothing wrong with that. I think it is good to know other Christian historical facts because it makes our religion interesting and deep and test our sense of faith and belief.

Just because alternative historical religious scholars said so do not mean they are trying to destroy the Christian belief. These intellectuals and researchers are seekers of truth and they should be respected for what they did for all of us. If they uncover the truth, it should not shake us badly but make us even more embrace our faith for then we are strong and secure.

Come to think of it, a person’s birth date on earth is not much of importance but how he/she is living the gift of life. If he/she is indeed is a baptized Christian, then he/she must be following the path of Jesus Christ. Not just by talking but by doing.

How many people who call themselves Christians and go to church but fail to practice the teachings and follow the example of Jesus?

Why, if I may ask, first of all, we may many corrupt politicians and leaders? We have national government elected and non-elected officials like senators, congressmen who stole people’s money and get kickbacks with no guilt and shame and not ask forgiveness and return the money when found out.

And why are rich and ordinary citizens in business and other professions like the medical, academe and public service extract high fees in the name of business without consideration of the people’s economic realities. Why are we destroying our mountains and flatten our forests, polluting and abusing our seas and islands and killing animals to satisfy our selfish and ignorant needs.

Christ in his goodness and simplicity was never like that, even in those early times. He was never material-hungry like many of us now. Today, we need or think we need  cars, expensive houses and influence. Mostly just to show-off one’s wealth. The son of God was never like that. He was not like many of us.

Do I sound like sermoning? I am not. I am only stating the facts most of us have forgotten or didn’t know or care. Call it something like a reminder. Like I was politely telling my friend who is religious but refuse to know other meaningful things but hearing mass. We need to be educated enough to strengthen our faith.

We should look at Christmas or any time of the year the rebirth and re-charging of who we are in relation to Jesus Christ and our God, the father.

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