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‘We need comic book like this’

By Bryan Edulzura

Author Ramon Jorge Sarabosing was confronted with this “plea” by a group of rural mothers in the coastal rural town of Surigao del Norte when he took part of the launching of the children and young readers comic book he  himself wrote,”Ang Dangpanan ni Molmol” (Molmol-the Parrot Fish Sanctuary) in 2015 by an international non-government organization (NGO) and local partners.

Sarabosing, who is a playwright, poet and magazine writer together with two Butuanon artists bobby Cielo and Omar Arellano, an award-winning cartoonist can only dream they come up with a follow-up book projects of any topic perhaps to be produced by environment-oriented groups or crusading individuals or they themselves as artists -if only they have financial means.

“We wish to tie-up with advocates in arts and cultural heritage and environment as publishers or producers to help us come up with authentic and substantive comic books geared for children and even adults in rural areas who have no concrete access online but need to know  important issues of the day,” the author said.

The comic book, written in Bisaya and drawn in color on a first class paper was circulated and given free to rural elementary school children in some coastal towns in both Surigao provinces.

“This is useful for the children and enjoyable too. It educated us all, the family and the neighborhood. Please continue this project,” a mother and teacher speaking in behalf of all others told Sarabosing.

“It was touching, you see the enthusiasm and excitement of the children reading and laughing together. Even the parents and barangay officials. They told me this kind of thing means a lot to them,” he pointed out.

For some time, he shared this to a few environment-oriented leaders but learned it was not their concern to focus on environment education of young people.

“It is important we invest on the young through creative means of education because they are the next generation of Earth guardians. We need start now and not later,” he further explains.

Recently, he conducts creative writing workshops in environment and tourism for high school in partnership with progressive-minded local government officials.

“I want to encourage young people to write, challenge and inspire them to make a stand and let their voice be heard through writing and like some of us can tell stories connected to all our lives,” he concluded.

Calling all those who have much in life and willing to share extra for the many young people in the countryside. Why not a little share of your blessing? Somehow it makes a big difference.



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