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Time to cruise Masao River

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

It may be not as popular and overwhelming as the one in Bohol, but hey, this is the very one Ferdinand Magellan and his men carefully negotiated to touch base with our ancestors.

So what is more colorful than that?

And when you come to spend the fiesta week (or any time) drop by here and turn the cruise both as historical re-encounter and a perfect summer fun.

Yes, we may not have white beaches and islets and waterfalls but nature peppered with history is a plus people do not know.

How to get there? Of course you start at Bood Promontory and Park, just before reaching Bancasi (from the city proper),passing by NIA building. Signage’s are hang so there is no reason not to find it.

Take time to gatecrash the party of Magellan and Datu Siago and their men, a perfect spot for “groufie.” The towering wooden cross standing reminds you what our faith is all about.

After roaming around, gently descend down the river where full time fisher folk sidelining as baroteros await, dressed in red and vessel filled with buntings.

Oh! the color of vibrant summer!

The fun and excitement is smooth and seemingly endless, passing by palm forest and mangrove.

The water is tempting so why not play with it?

Now for some tips to make the trip comfortable and easy from the intense heat whole year round. Come early in the morning or late afternoon and refrain from bringing many things.

To ensure the availability of boatmen, contact or go to Libertad Barangay hall ( c/o Bernard Encarnado, Barangay Captain) 09109775184.

Think about it, your (re)visit to Butuan is not complete to what you truly came home for: experience what our forefathers did in their time.

Photos Butuan City Tourism Office

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