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This ‘Rubylarian’ cherished the high-school fun


“The country needs you,” Tipay, my charming high-school classmate told me at a restaurant weeks before our class reunion last April. She didn’t mean the republic of course but my presence on the week-long alumni homecoming of Agusan National High School (ANHS) which our Batch ’78, is celebrating the Ruby anniversary.

I was anticipating to attend our 40th anniversary though aware of my travel appointments at the same time but comforted to the idea I’d attended the golden celebration earlier anyway or risk jokingly called by one of my closed friends Clyde as one of his two unsocial “section” of class.

I would have consistently love to attend every homecoming but as the cynics say, you got to move on. True, but there’s such thing as “keeping on touch” and that’s what reunions are all about, because somehow, whether you recognize  it or not, it gives meaning and vibrance to one’s life, among many things.

I’m speaking from experience, every time I join reunions I am inspired and motivated to do better my work because I know I get old friends who cheer for me, some secretly and proudly tell they read me, like true family. Somehow it touches me.

Sometimes it gives me a sense of security and confidence like when I traveled to Europe, England in particular, I was secure I have old friends way back in high-school to go to. Keziah and Simon hosted me and we even called long distance to another classmate in New York.

An Australian friend observed we were all laughing throughout the conversation. “You guys are amazing, so far and seemed so close. Are all high-school friends really like that?” he asked.

It must be, I replied, can’t helped how grateful of the acquaintance  and security it gave me. In another time many years later, I was not well and undecided if I should be hospitalized, I remember another classmate working there, so off I went and checked-in.

I am a big believer that old friends are pillars and monuments that give one security and trust I think that is the power and magnificence of friendship, especially the old ones.

And I always give credit and recognition to elementary and high-school life, even more to those close to me who taught and guided me in ways they know how and lead me to what I am and where to go-even now.

I was lucky and blessed to gain several friends who helped mold my interests in life and as we separated and pursue our chosen professions.

But who can forget the times we were together, oh those foolish things we did- gallivanting the nooks and corners of downtown, crossing Magsaysay Bridge, sailing the river itself towards Baan riverside and occasional fist fights at the riverbank and winding off at nights at Rizal Park. We even have old pictures of them too!

Oh to be young! And then reaching the Ruby-is quite a feat. We all love and cherish our high-school life, don’t we?

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