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This communication student makes a stand

By Rose Bernido

When our visiting feature writing teacher urged us to write a reflection on the current events the past weeks, we were inspired and challenged because as communication students we felt we have a lot to say on writing as part of our training in legitimate and responsible media work.

I took communication course as suggested by my parents who told me I have what it takes and also I like to read. I like to read books and sensible reading materials and discern topics and issues people must know. Yes, there are young people like me who do this other than the social media which to me are, to be honest about it, full of meaningless matters.

I prefer to browse intelligent opinions like those of social critics like Randy David, Michael Tan and a few veteran writers.

One issue that became a hit to me and my classmates was the guilty verdict of Imelda Marcos. When it was in the news, my father was so happy, he kidded he will take us outside for a blow-out.

He was an activist during Marcos dictatorship times and proud of what he did unlike some so-called activists who hide their activism days to their children for whatever silly reasons.

And because of my father’s consistent political beliefs, I am proud of him and my mother who told me the things they went through and never regretted any of it.

For me, they are real heroes with lasting principles, so unlike many who are not consistent with their stand as they earned positions of power, money and privilege. How many parents do the same? They definitely have no right to be freedom fighters but convenient and trend seekers. Look at them right now. Most of them are in government offices. No wonder there’s so much corruption and inefficiency  until now.

Imelda Marcos deserves to be in jail but we are aware how our justice system works. The rotten rich and wealthy will get away with anything, the poor never taste justice. I am angry even more they want they want to seize power again by running national positions. What an insult to previous and this generations. I call on the youth to make a stand and not be blinded by false history and money.

Another strong issue and concern is the killing of a kind lawyer in Negros who chose to gave his life to those less in life-landless farmers and peasants. It was such a heart-breaking news. How could people do that to a man of the people? But then these people are moneyed and powerful who did not want to part their privilege life.

Well, comes a time when they will find themselves answering to God almighty.

Photo courtesy of Art Wire/KQED Arts

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