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The unheard voice

By Frederick Marcoja

I do not understand why the mountain is bald and not anyone in the crowd care to make a stand.

Are they waiting till the last tree is gone?

Someday when I get married my son will ask me,”Why daddy Fred?” I do not know what to answer

because I did not earlier ask my elder.

I do not know if it is too late as time flies at this rate.

It is unpredictable to tell our fate. But we should know why there is too much heat.

Who will save our planet Earth?My friend who lives in faraway city of Perthwrote to me we should not wait.

We must act now in anyway how.

We start by making a stand telling our elders our demand let our voices be heard.

Let us sing songs or be read.

Let us save and protect our mountain or nothing will remain.

Frederick Marcoja is a high school student in Butuan City.

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