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The sexiest man and most beautiful woman are those who garden

By Portia Jaspe and Albert Lopez

No Virginia, the prettiest girl is not with false eyelashes, sparkling fingernails, ghost-white skin and fake blonde hair all courtesy of so-called beauty parlors and the sexiest man is not who goes to the gym to work-out with pretentious muscles bursting out, both to show off like characters of a circus.

Because this is the age and time of pretend and physical discontent and transformation, we have so many insecure people who find false comfort to embellish and enhance themselves with any intrusive fantasy-laden formulas to look and feel good.

As one critic said, beauty on the outside but filth lurking inside. Aray ko! But in most cases, so true.

Do we frustrate and made you mad? Relax, there’s another way to look good, inside and out, with no thick make-up, zero whitening skin product to look significantly and truthfully real. Or your fake made-up self becomes like fake news.

You know what that is? Simple! And this is not false information-turn to gardening! Grow ornamental plants inside and outside your home and water them with a pail or a hose every other day and come up with a robust garden. You too will be.

Using your focus, attention and strength and embracing positive vibes from all natural living creatures high and below the ground give you confidence and security you thought don’t have but unknowingly neglect to tap or recognized.

Let the growth and grace of the plants in the garden be your light and inspiration, not depending on other people’s idea or dictate what you should look like or be.

The most beautiful are those who make sensible and truthful connection to themselves and in the world or environment they inhabit. Because if they want to overhaul themselves they should do it the most holistic way and end up successful, body and mind.

Yes, yes Virginia, take time not just to smell the roses but plant and nurture them and you nourished yourself in turn and it makes you feel so good-and beautiful and strong-inside and out. You’d be surprised the rousing feeling.

Of course, you smile and laugh and don’t believe us but we will see in the end who laugh last. Our garden will be blooming beautifully and strongly as we do. This is how confident we are.

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