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The ballad of the Acacia by the river

By R Juan de Abril

You haven’t gone to Agusan River-Butuan City side if you have not embrace the sight of Acacia trees thriving there.

From afar the view is relaxing and uplifting, coming in close and under the sprawling branches you feel like in the bosom of a loving gentle giant. It’s a different high; a feel good experience that nature bestows you. Savor it.

I don’t guarantee the experience a life-changing but it brings back the child in you- oh! the sense of wonder-and its probably you need to help the balance and face the heaviness and burdens of tomorrow. You simply need this kind of break. Why not do it?

The sight of Acacia trees thriving along Agusan river-Butuan City side.

Legend goes that a young boy went swimming by himself in the river and got carried away by the current and nearly drowned. The roots of the Acacia awaken and came to life and reached out to the boy and rescue him.

Grateful, the mother of the boy promised to nourish the tree and her young. She told her son that the young trees are his brothers and sisters and must look after them even when they are old. The child said yes.

Today, the Acacia seedlings are matured and grown and they remain strong and nurturing. The boy an old man now and protective of the trees lining in the river in honor and memory of his mother.

Many floods came and went but the Acacias defied them all. Its branches spreading and serene and secure , ever vigilant of the condition of the soil and river current. Never biased to one side but to themselves.

But do we care? Do we notice? Do we ever appreciate? Do we see beauty, meaning, magnificence?

This is a story that has to be told.

Photos Vangie Pena

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