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Thank you, I prefer my face aged and original


By Emar Rotunda

If, by twist of fate, I win the lotto, somebody asked me, would I knock the door of that famous-or is it infamous-popular face and other party parts lifter, to become a brand new younger me?

Just like that famous, again, is it infamous-television news reader, journalist with an appetite of sensational tales that matter little and now look like a younger package of a pretty item.

And have you heard of that woman who was sued by her husband who didn’t know she “face lifted” herself before they meet and produced an “ugly, totally different offspring” unlike any of them. The woman later admitted she had an original face which look different, ugh, ugly.

There’s also that case of a perfect Malay-looking boy who transformed himself to a “tisoy” (mix-breed) who pathetically thought he’ll make it big in showbiz because the colonial masa prefers that kind of artista. Poor boy, he is a victim of distorted colonial stereotyping.

There are rising stories some positive others negative of these face lifting gamble. No thanks to man/woman’s vain, insecurity and fear of getting wrinkles as if it’s a crime and hat not.

The bottom line is, if you can afford it-which many cannot- then go for it and feed your fantasy.
Never mind if you become a laughing stock as people talk behind your back.

“If I go to heaven, will god recognize me after I go through with the treatment?” a lady was said to ask a friend.

“Why? Are you sick you need a treatment?” the friend asked back.

Think about it, are those famous face-lifted creatures sick? Somebody offered an answer: “Maybe its their brain that needs treatment, not their oh not so lovely face.”

In this time and age is it really necessary to look forever young, mestizo and enhanced? Shouldn’t we settle, accept and embrace who we are, looks, character and all the face of the world, rather, the universe? Thanks God too, are people with less money or there will be lots of plastic walking around.

“Is she retokada (face lifted)? A matron receive a bag of queries as she walked the room full of her former high-school classmates.

“Obviously she is her nose look strange, her mouth so thick and her face in total, mercilessly iron-pressed, “one answered.

As for me, I am a bit short, dark and never the type to over-rate myself because I don’t see the need. I see the best of me, the confident me inside and out. I see no need for treatment or enhancement because I’m happy, contented unlike the others who are vain bitter, unhappy and maybe have the desperate need to be loved, respected or toss-up by lesser men/women.

Want to look and feel young and dynamic? Then do a lot of exercise and focus on healthy food. You won’t need any physical “invasion” that has no guarantee.

Please don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to put others down. I just find, along with many others find this idea of trying to put a stop to “wrinkling” a reflection of twisted values. I dislike resorting to name-calling but we cannot avoid it.

This apparently a product of a changing time. Bato-bato sa langit.

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