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Stuck in Butuan’s streets flashfloods

By H L Bertido

One seemingly fine afternoon I was walking the streets of downtown Butuan when the rain came and I ended nowhere to go because the city streets were covered with water.

I have no choice but to wade my feet and wet my shoes. I hated it! Come on, it was just a short, small rain so why this famous (or is it infamous) ex-timber city under water?

For many years, I have observe, several attempts have been made by all city administrations to fix this matter but nothing ever happen. Hello City Engineering Office and City Planning whatever.

But maybe there is hope now. After all, we have an engineer mayor who we should take our hats off if he gets to solve the problem.

A balikbayan friend complained she gets stuck going to the cathedral. It was fortunate that the new building of Father Saturnino Urios University serve as a shelter for a while with its fine cafes, but still her feet got wet.

Again, no thanks to the flash flood. A few days after she complained her feet got touchy. Apparently, it was infected with the dirty water. She had to go to the doctor.

I don’t hear others stuck in this dilemma. Are Butuanons immune to this already? Or have accepted this discomforting reality?

Alright, it happen to all other cities. But like them do we allow to have this forever now that we dream of becoming an economic tiger city? Maybe we should dream more-for the better-rain or shine!

I hope this matter will be given priority by the current administration because we can never tell how far and problematic climate change will go and we’ll have endless rains the years ahead. Who needs street flash floods?

Not the Butuanon citizens, balikbayans, guests and visitors. Not me–ever!

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