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SRMI mine rehab efforts on track


Rehabilitation is the process of restoring the environment’s ability tobe productive, natural and functional one. It is also a treatment designed to facilitate the process of recovery from any destruction to be in normal condition as possible.

Rehabilitation is one step closer to environmental recovery. Worries no more to any affected areas within the vicinity. Rehabilitation does not really mean to restore its origin both in appearance and its vegetation quickly but keeping it reforested again and simply restoring what have been extracted excluding minerals.

SR Metals Inc. repeals the negative thoughts from few individuals against environmental impacts through the excessive rehabilitation particularly in the mined-out area.

An impact is not always negative at all times but positive also. Through rehabilitation, we can assure that environmental impacts will be lessenedsimultaneously. SRMI never leaves the mined-out area without proper rehabilitation and keeping it reforested and vegetated. Few years from now, the mined-out area will be completely rehabilitated and be considered as tourist attraction.

Everyone could also witness the presence of migratory birds or even insects sheltering there. Everyone could also enjoy embracing the cold breeze of the dancing trees.

To date, progressive rehabilitation at SRMI mining site covers a total area of about 251 hectares.

We aim for lesser impact but profitable by all as what we all need since SRMI believes that LEAVING WITHOUT COMPROMISING COULD LEAD TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and LEAVING NOTHING BUT A RESTORED ENVIRONMENT. By MP

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