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So you’re hang up on long Christmas season?

By H L Bertido

Guess who invented the wise idea of having a long Christmas season even when its ridiculous?

Why, it’s the business sector who like to earn endless big money. At the forefront are department stores backed-up by their material suppliers of all kinds. And without critical thinking we buy the idea, hook line and sinker. We toe the line and we fall victims of shrewd commercialization.

But what do we get out of it? Do we need a long season of so-called celebration? Come to think of it, isn’t this a gimmick to make us buy, buy, buy because its needed and it’s a reflection of our love to Jesus Christ?

For sure the business people get away with it using our religious belief so we buy, buy, buy before, during and after the son of God is born.

It’s all about material satisfaction. Where on Earth this come from? The idea of giving gifts? From the three kings lost in the desert? So we buy goods to give, give, give and party, party, party.

Ahh, we make the businessmen happy, really happy.

Do we really think the son of God likes long celebration to mark his birth? The carpenter’s child is humble and down-to-earth don’t we think he would be so embarrassed with so much vulgar attention? Look! the guy don’t go for frills and showbiz-like “ka-plastikan” why would he appreciate long colorful and loud celebration?

What makes us think he would be that vain and egoistic on his coming to Earth? He never made loud and grand entrance when he came here. He was born in a manger, remember?

Isn’t it time to rethink how we should welcome his birth? Do we need beer and alcohol and get drunk to hail his arrival? To whom do we really celebrate? His birth as a savior or a chance for us to indulge in parties? Shouldn’t we think he simply wants to be honored and remember (especially his teachings) in a humble, loving and peaceful way?

The Son of God never hold parties only humble gatherings… but today’s businessmen want to make money and we all agree.

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