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Retired couple swear ‘gardening makes life colorful’

By H L Bertido

Me and my wife are currently into gardening, being both early retired. But she wish we have done gardening earlier and our lives together would have been more beautiful and to me, being in the field of engineering, more dazzling.

I realize gardening makes me more optimistic in life. Every day, I look forward to check on our ornamental plants and small vegetable plots and feel good to see they are growing well. I would verbally ask them to please be healthy because they inspire us to live.

Yes, I talk to them as suggested by my wife the way we talk to our pet dogs and cats. (Do you know it’s now politically correct to call ourselves parents to our dogs and other domestic pets and why not our flowering plants?)

It may sound crazy but in this age of the call of respecting other living creatures this is a practice that is decent and enlightening and fun as well.
Never mind if some limited-minded neighbors think you are out of your head. But it is good to your spirit and makes your days light. And-this I found out, makes me less angry and annoying. It also takes away the pressures and boredom away.

I never thought gardening can do this to us and I’m grateful I’ve discovered this because my wife looks at me with fondness and told me I have become a charming aging citizen and I look at her and “rediscovered” her youthful glow as she tends the plants. She is to me as immortally beautiful and our red, white and pink roses.

Many years ago, I used to think gardening is not macho like tennis and basketball so I didn’t care or appreciate the other side of life. I was so traditional, close-minded that I neglect to live and venture the colors of life.

Ah! the rainbow’s not above our roof but around our house. The flowers that the ornamentals offered are our everyday rainbow. The feeling is so good and healthy. I am glad I’m into this, even at this age.

Maybe , there is the right time for everyone but I believe if we ventured this much earlier in our married life, we would be doubly satisfied with each other and our small family.
You may not agree because you’ll rather do other things and never found out to be productive in some other ways.

My neighbor Ray who’s into woodworking and music has made good money as garden partner to his wife and daughter by simply, according to him, watering the plants and fixing the tiny canals.

On my part, I’ve rediscovered my life’s more nature concerned. That to us is blissfully colorful and meaningful than you can imagine.

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