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Post-Valentines and Edsa People-Power Review: With Romance, you move on; with Democracy you hang on


By Ricky Cepeda


Excuse me, concerned citizens of this land, regardless of shades and shapes, I don’t think you get the point: with romance, you move on, despite gallons of tears, crazy sleepless nights and unsuccessful suicide attempts.

With democracy-and please keep this in mind-you hang on, for the sake of history. Because if you don’t this nation keep becoming oppressed, people jailed and disappearing for the wrong reasons.

That is why we should always remember or we keep repeating it. Sounds so familiar but all so true.

But who should best tell history? In the first place and this is tragic, there are no history books and courses that tackle the dictatorship years and most activists that time who are parents today do not bother to tell their children what happened.

Either they’re embarrassed, ashamed or prefer them to be apolitical for whatever reason.

That is why the youth now is as confused, ignorant or spineless when it comes to serious political matters. That too is the reason they are easily swayed by traditional politics (trapos) and history revisionists at the internet.

Talk about manipulation at all cost!

Now where in the world can you find a president who stole billions, murdered people and then fled named a hero and laid along side real ones?

I would have curse like you-know-who but since I think its rude and not right for minors to read it I’ll just pray we get to fix the mess we’re in.

Alright, you may think I’m taking sides, but I’m not. I am, like in the movies, just cant wait for the part two. But I hope, not at the expense of my cherished land.

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