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NEWSPIX: Butuan youth gang leader laid to rest

Dozens of Bloods gang members from around Butuan gathered Tuesday for the funeral of their 15-year-old leader Antonio Garcia, who was murdered by a rival gang leader last week.

Butuan Mayor RonnieVic Lagnada recently ordered a police crackdown on gangsterism in the city, noting that many serious crimes and gang wars are attributed to these youth gangs’ activities.

The proliferation of youth crime gangs, composed mainly of out-of-school youths and some students could be attributed to several factors: the proliferation of illegal drugs, the youth are not likely to be prosecuted for their crimes because they are minors, parental neglect and other domestic factors.

In Butuan, the existing gangs monitored were the Bloods, Son of God (SOG), ROG,TBS, among others. By GD

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