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Near death dog saved, cared through Facebook

By GB Candelario

Almost every day at every corner we can find stray dogs running loose in the streets. These dogs can be abandoned, lost their way home or never been owned.

Most often, they are riddled with mange and other skin diseases.

In worst situation they seemed minutes away from death due to starvation, road hazards and even from the cruelty of man.

For pet lovers, this scene is definitely heartbreaking.

Surely like humans, these deprived creatures wanted a shelter relatively safe and comfortable.

Fortunately, here in Butuan, people with good hearts open a door to save these dogs from death row. Thanks to some helpful volunteers, from a dog rescue Facebook page who extend their hands to these needy animals.

Mawi, a brown puppy was one of the recently rescued. He was found in the middle of the road, along the traffic in J.C. Aquino Avenue.

The rescuer found him very weak with concussion and wound in his head. Sending a private message to the Facebook page admin for help, the puppy was then brought to the veterinary clinic for treatment.

The rescuers quickly uploaded photos of the suffering dog in Facebook.

Hearts were touched, animal lovers responded just as fast and donations for his medications flooded.

Days after, some extend their interests to adopt Mawi.

Today, Mawi found a loving and safe home and his story in Facebook proves that the world isn’t bad at all.

But we must remember that he is not the only animal suffering and awaiting rescue in the street. Let us not allow that these stray dogs die because of neglect.

Dogs are man’s best friend, but when they’re lost, abandoned or unowned they need to rely on the kindness of someone.

Let us help these strays out from daily misery.

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