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My GF has imported bar girl’s name

By Isidro Villegas

New generation Filipinos are certified copycats, to the point of embarrassingly un-original and “colonial mental.”

My apology if you are offended but isn’t it annoying to have a name like Nicole and Kevin, when friends teased you behind your back you look opposite those Hollywood actors whom your parents probably wish you would look like but obviously won’t but looking instead like a true sparkling Malay.

So why not an authentic and proud Malay’s name to match the look?

Blame it on disturbing colonial mentality that disregards embracing names that express and identify and mold our distinct personality a real character and sense of substance and sensibility.

“I’m going to name my first child Kalipay (happiness) because she is a fruit of our joy and she is always smiling,” says a young artistically-inclined school teacher-father.

He dislikes names like Stanley for a boy or Stephanie for a girl because, to him, it’s awkward and misplaced.

An inferior-thinking friend earlier suggested American-sounding names allegedly to have “class.”

“So untrue, my child is a special one who will be proud of his uniqueness, not like a product’s name from a factory with a common name or brand,” he asserted.

Nicole, Candy, Meg and Katrina are common bar girl adapted names of Olongapo City, then Rest and Recreation night capital of American soldiers. Who on earth would like a girlfriend or a sister like that?

No offense to women intended but this is the downside of allowing our Maria Clara’s be prostituted. It was, still is, an unfortunate reality to us all.

Why is this generation still hook on colonial mentality when it’s suppose to be progressive and creatively original in terms of outlook, perception and authenticity.

A young girl was reportedly asking her mother why her name’s Anne when there’s a lot of her class have names like her’s.

“I wish I’m the only one who has a real name. Maybe a Filipino name like Pahiyom (Smiling), and I would be inspired to smile all the time,” she said.

Take it from an innocent young girl who can discern like a sensitive adult.

Why fuss on names, original, creative, copied and “factory-produced?” Names are reflection of necessary matters bringing positivity in life; one’s true self, creativity and inventiveness, identity, and goodwill (both for parents, children and society).

An original name or gift given from a love one to another, especially a progeny is an offering of true love, fondness and respect. Dear future parents, be true and original. Your children will be very proud if you do.

Artwork courtesy of Pixabay

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