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Museo de Cabadbaran: Admirably one of a kind

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

A visit to the new eye-catching building of Museo de Cabadbaran (designed by Architect Jansen Santos) is a proud “throwback” of the city’s rich cultural heritage and history.

The region’s newest and only Local Government Unit-run museum admirably reflects the city officials, past and present, and the private sector’s foresight and vision on the relevance and necessity of embracing the wisdom and greatness of the past.

This makes the city a cut above the rest because after all, cultural heritage appreciation provides the soul and conscience of society.

A museum in return becomes its window to showcase the channel of the past, the integrity of the present and the promise of the future. No other cities or towns, unfortunately understand this.

Dr. Jocel Dagani, a retired government dental physician and a respected local historian is the museum coordinator.

As a long-time history and archaeology enthusiast and friend of the National Museum Manila, he also curates and lectures on the varied interesting archaeological collection dating back to the stone age period up until the most recent times on local finds and even in Southeast Asia in the early period of the age of contact.

A scene-stealing exhibit produce is the ancient boat coffin, done by the indigenous people of the city’s outskirt centuries before the Spanish colonizers came.

Others are trade ceramics from China dating back to the Sung period, and even the forgotten “recent” sewing machine and typewriter used by our grandparents before and after the second world war.

Truly, an educational “blast from the past” experience.

While the museum is still a work in progress, Dr. Dagani is proud and pleased that it has received guests from all over. In effect forging ties and inspiration specially on matters on education and tourism.

“We will be building another wing to add another gallery (to add the collection), a social hall and a students activity and learning center for arts and culture,” informs Tiara Julia M. Santos, Cabadbaran’s tourism officer.

Both Santos and Dagani together with Mayor Katrina Marie Mortola (who joined welcomed and toured this writer to the museum) envisioned a proactive, interactive museum and cultural center for all, especially the young.

A sensible and worthwhile aspiration that will surely become a region’s pride and breakthrough.

Photos Courtesy of Cabadbaran City Tourism Office
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