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Minimize Hollywood fixation, patronize Pinoy movies again like ‘Mr. & Mrs. Cruz’

By R Juan de Abril

Hey Evangeline, I know you have given up Pinoy mainstream movies and blindly fixates on Hollywood that churns out equally predictable, formula and run-of-the-mill and mostly vengeful movies you hardly discerned.

Now there’s one Pinoy romantic movie that I wish your children will see it (and you of course for some cute revitalization) because I think this movie has to offer for some after-disastrous romance for young people to teach them to stand up independently and see the wonder and connection of nature like Palawan.

Thank goodness for the new generation of story writers and film-makers like the maker of this movie, “Mr. & Mrs. Cruz ” by a neophyte lady writer and director who’s work is catchy, full of wit and sensibility.

You never know it can happen to your daughters and sons so this movie can help deal the failed romance. Or come to think of it, even to us, though belatedly and with regrets perhaps, could not find our real selves and remain dependent to the nearest person we attached ourselves to, imagining it as true romantic love. (Think of many who’ve gone separate ways.)

Really, one of the lessons how to stand up and empower oneself is to be sweep away, lost yourself alone and fearless. As the old wisdom playfully says, get a life! Dare to encounter a new world you’ve never imagine.

Put in another way, the movie creatively teaches you to escape (by yourself) and kick the blues away. I think local romantic movies are not the same again because it’s refreshing to see engaging lead characters with independence, intelligence and confidence. No more meek, innocent and dumb leading ladies and overly proud and righteous male leads. Hopefully no more stereotype and one sided caricature roles.

Now we are seeing characters with depth that help bring us audience to the next level. There’s not even a “kontrabida” male or female here but the movie stands tall and engrossing with special mention to the cinematography. If you haven’t been to Palawan or El Nido, then maybe reserve a time to go–alone or with the one you love. Why not?

In the end, “Mr. & Mrs. Cruz” is a beautiful and successful attempt by the film-makers and it deserves support because is really worth watching.

And by the way, the lead actors may not be as popular as those silly love teams, but they deliver perfectly and with those great looks as well, you be assured of a good time. Enjoy it.

Photos courtesy of Viva Films

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