Marcventures mining rehabilitation program for community development

The Cabangahan mine rehabilitation project is still in its infancy stage. The trees and vegetation are not yet visible. But as the plants mature, the greens will grow thicker and healthier. Contributed photo

Marcventures continues to integrate its mining activities with programs that promote environmental protection and sustainable development of  host communities.

As defined in the approved three (3) year Development Program the company’s three mining areas are Pili, Sipangpang and Cabangahan. Pili has been declared for rehabilitation area while mining activities are ongoing at Sipangpang and Cabangahan.

The mining process area begins with an approved Special Tree Cutting and Earthballing Permit (STCEP) from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Each tree will be replaced with 100 seedlings with a survival rate of 80%. All harvested timber are turned-over to the local DENR office.

The extraction areas in Sipangpang and Cabangahanmines are in accordance with the DENR Department Administrative Order (DAO) 2018-19 also known as the  Guidelines for Additional Environmental Measures for Operating Surface Metallic Mines.

The guidelines allow a maximum of 60 hectares of disturbed area based on the mining operationscale and approved Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program.

The ancillary area includes haul roads, mine yard and waste dumps which are necessary for the mining operations.It also includessettling ponds that control the silt from erosion during heavy rains. The ambient and effluent water qualitydischarges from the river systemsare within DENR Standard under DAO 2016-08 for freshwater/marine water bodies and General Effluent Standard pursuant to Philippine Clean Water Act.

The initial mine rehabilitation project was less than 1 hectare in 2018. The company’s Environment team continues to monitor the growth of species like mancono, mangium, malatambis and bamboo. The plants are still very small and hardly visible through aerial photography.With a height of about 1- 2.5 meters high, the trees are  maintained with fertilizer, continuously cultivated  and watered. The Cabangahan mine rehabilitation project is still in its infancy stage The trees and vegetation are not yet visible. But as the plants mature, the greens will grow thicker and healthier.

Marcventures is also the leader in the propagation of bamboo as a sustainable and rewarding livelihood project for communities. Bamboo nurseries and revegetation are carried out to restore disturbed areas with the goal of returning the land to its natural state after operations. This grass specie offers opportunities for job generation and is a good substitute for wood in many applications, such as paper, furniture, and building materials.

To date, Marcventures has planted a total of 50,875 bamboo culms covering 70.39 hectares. Currently growing at the mined-out areas are Giant Bamboo (Dendrocalamusgiganteus) and KawayangTinik (Bambusablumeana).

Bamboo nurseries and revegetation are carried out to restore disturbed areas. Contributed photo

The day-to-day operations in Marcventures involves contract mining. Currently four(4) general contractors handle the pit mining, ore hauling to stockyard and barge loading for ore shipment. These general contractors employ sub- contractors some of them endorsed by the indigenous peoples’ group.

Marcventures also supports and remains true to its commitment to the development of host and neighboring community thru the approved Social Development and Management Program (ASDMP). The company has several projects on health, education, livelihood and Infrastructure development.

The health projects include providing assistance to patients in crisis situations, procurement of medical equipment for different health centers, distributing relief good to all barangays in Carrascal, Cantilan and Madrid.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC) continues to give educational assistance to 239 colleges students and 19 volunteer teachers. The company also support local businesses through the capital assistance and inputs to various cooperatives and people’s organizations to help them start their own income-generating businesses.

Marcventures Senior Vice President and Officer-In-Charge Rolando Santos emphasized the importance of responsible mining in ensuring the welfare of host communities.

 “We are committed to clean and sustainable mining methods. We are constantly working hand-in-hand with our host communities to restore and enhance mined out areas, so that they will have sustainable livelihood in the future.” PR


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