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Let us save our island

By Peachy Leah Lucero, Danah Ramas and Virlyn Templado

The destruction of Dinagat Island’s fragile environment is now rearing it’s ugly head. Photo courtesy of Jack Alingasa

This is a message to people who do not care about our environment. There is a saying that goes, “Mother Earth is suffering, let us save her, for in the end we are saving ourselves and the next generation.”

The people who destroy our land make alibis that it’s because of population and economic growth. They are wrong. They don’t know that the forests gives us and maintains the balance of life.

Our hometown, Loreto, Dinagat Islands province is blessed because we are part of the “land of promise” and hopefully not and never in the future “land of broken dreams.”

Our land is a gift of God. And it is inspiring that some people here find a way to protect and preserve it.

If illegal logging and overused mining will continue, then it will cause the breakdown of all our natural resources such as the loss of food supply-the disappearance and poisoning of rice fields, water springs, vegetables and fruit farms. This is clearly a big problem.

We must take good care of the island do it with action, not just lip service. Abusing it is a mistake that we will regret. We must know that unlike other islands we are really fortunate with the natural resources gave us.

We have a few extraordinary animal and bird species like the bushy-tailed Cloud Rat that was believed to have been extinct but rediscovered in 2012 by foreign and local scientists. This is so encouraging.

Found only in the Philippines and in our island of Dinagat, this tiny forest creature is seriously threatened along with other wildlife if destruction and flattening of the forests and mountains will not stop.

Our call to our people: let us be concerned and be an instrument of perception and change for a much better and sustainable future.

Editor’s note: The authors are students of Loreto Academy and selected participants of the Feature Writing Workshop for High Schools, organized by Green Mindanao in partnership with Loreto National High School and Loreto Academy.

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