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Let food be your medicine

By Yul Rosauro

Bet you have not heard of this. You probably think its unthinkable that the food you eat three times a day can heal you.

The doctors never told you this because they are agents of international pharmaceutical companies out to make money. Western medicine, take it or leave it, is big business. You’ve read or seen the latest headlines on vaccination that caused apprehension, haven’t you?

Thankfully, there are people today who initiated other ways or means to seek medical wisdom and healed themselves. They’ve liberated themselves and guide others from the clutches of so-called mainstream medicine.

Countless people now have shifted back to eastern and indigenous healing because they have experience positive and practical results. One of the practice of healing and attaining consistent good health is through the food we eat. Yes, the food that we consume regularly not just once, twice but making it a lifetime habit and discipline.

It is simply a lifetime change outlook and consistent practice. But because people are slaves to their craving they unknowingly or stubbornly choose to embrace their poor health conditions rather than put a stop to old bad eating choices and habits. In the end its all about choices.

So how do we begin or find a means to be healthy and heal ourselves if we are sickly? One of these is producing your own vegetable and herb garden! Don’t laugh, this is serious! It may sound simplistic but its better than maintaining a medicine cabinet!

As one retired government health professional once said,” Your vegetable garden is your living medicine cabinet. It is a tremendous help both physically and mentally.”

In other words, subscribe to the idea and belief or research that healthy food such as vegetables and fruit is the best defense against simple to complicated diseases and illness. It pays to be healthy especially if you’re nearing 40 when your body’s vulnerable to the negative forces within and around you.

You hear the experts advice, control or minimize oily foods from animals, why not go for creative versions of vegetable soups with less salt or sugar.

There is such a thing as food intake discipline now. Think of “not what you want but what you need.” It is good to impose or practice this to your children if you are a young parent. But of course the discipline, direction and success starts with you. Practice what you eat and preach what you eat!

A chubby child no matter how cute (as seen on TV advertisements) is never healthy. Please be concern on family health issue and act on it. You do everyone a favor and come up with a real healthy, contented family.

Remember, it starts with you!

Artwork courtesy of Cibo Design

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