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Kabilin: A cut above the rest


Kabilin” gathers four Caraganon artists—Jeanne-Marie, Ronnie Rudinas, Goy Candelario and Resty Sala, featuring an inter-mixture of works that comprised each artist’s distinct approach in art, unraveling deep emotions that came with it. PHOTO/ Ronnie Rudinas

Reintroducing but needs no introduction is Kwadrado, Butuan’s finest visual art group that usher the recognition of the city’s image as Caraga’s center of creativity as proven by top painters like this and by neo-ethnic musicians and movement artists, even in the field of theater though it has lost its theatrical glory and needed to be revived.

Kwadrado’s latest art exhibit dubbed “Kabilin” which will run through August 10, 2019 at the atrium of Robinsons Mall in Butuan City, raises the bar even further with its arresting display of poignant pieces that easily caught the attention of viewers and enthusiasts.

Kwadrado is composed of Ronnie Rudinas, Resty Sala, Goy Candelario and Jeanne-Marie Marasigan, the lone lady member.

Jeanne-Marie Marasigan’s artworks.
Goy Candelario’s artworks.

Interestingly, they are all self-taught and office based but loyal and dedicated to the “muse”, as professional artists call it—finding time to paint as a means of artistic expression even in ungodly hours but manage to come up with works that are professionally done reflecting discipline and devotion. And definitely, as one said, worth hanging every wall.

“Got to have one,” said a young man to his girlfriend on Rudinas well-crafted cubist-inspired study of a dozen fish.

“This one is perfect for my study room,” declared a middle-aged lawyer on a vibrant portrait of tiny endemic birds by Sala.  

Ronnie Rudina’s artworks.
Resty Sala’s artworks.

Another viewer contemplates on Marasigan’s scene-stealing sunsets and two ladies were attracted to Candelario’s elegant flower bud in close-up. Kabilin is the best visual art exhibition in months.

It is the group’s second big project locally but had exhibitions before in Cagayan de Oro, Cebu City and soon in Davao City with another known Butuan but Davao-based painter Anoy Catague. Definitely it would be worth watching.

Incidentally, a new art gallery owned and managed by Rudinas will open in the city before the year ends. You can be sure a flood of high art will flourish heralding further Butuan’s creative energy and identity.

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