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In praise of nurses, domestic workers and foresters

By Julito Tabaranza

My grandson works as a nurse of the home of the aged in France and is the crush of the widows who is fond of him, being so caring and devoted to all residents.

I am proud of him, being named after me, because once I visited him there, everyone treated me like a rock star, thanks to his admirable performance as a nurse and caregiver and charming personality.

He is like, and I called him the imported Nora Aunor, though he is tall and sings well.

When I was at the Singapore International Airport bound for home, I sat at the waiting lounge and I saw a Malay lady, presumably a Filipina escorted by an Indian family.

As they were bidding goodbye they were crying and embracing her. Clearly, the domestic lady was well-like and respected.

I was seated beside her at the airplane bound for Manila. I learned she was Indonesian married to a Filipino cook. I asked her what I saw earlier-the crying scene with her employer’s family-and she told me she had been 15 years with them and treated her like family.

“I even became a Hindu from a Muslim because they respected me as equal and I do the same,” she revealed.

She said she is sadly leaving them to finally rejoin her own family.

Asked if it is easy and advisable to work with employers of another country and culture, she said it really depends how educated and true to their religious belief the employers are because they will practice humility and compassion to those who work for them.

I got her point, host countries should have a perspective educated race and kindness and understanding especially to migrant workers.

“Comes a time when sons and daughters of migrant parents primarily to find jobs become global policy makers and leaders, doctors, scientists, economic consultants, professors and teachers, artists and guardians of the planet,” she said proudly.

“And they will change the world in their generation.”

Guardian of Earth, that is what I told my neighbor’s young son when he said he would be taking up a Forestry course in college.

When he was a kid, he used to join his lolo and me to the farm near the mountain in Surigao Norte. He was always with a slingshot  and we kidded him one day the birds will have their revenge.

Now he is a grown man and said he wants to protect the mountain forest and their farm. No more slingshots and even guns to eliminate wild life. He has become respectful of the environment at such a young age.

A mining company was said to dangle a scholarship for mining engineering course to the village but the young man made a stand.

“I want to be a forester to let the mountains and forests live forever, not an engineer to destroy the Earth and make it lifeless.”

As simple and straightforward as he said that, I respect the young man. Yes we need conscientious environmentalists or this planet will be in upheaval and very few even care or act.

It is this generation’s choice and I am glad to know one is making a formidable stand. Will his tribe ever increase?

Artwork courtesy of sweet toothed damsel

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