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Impressions on Lolong’s tragic ending

By Didi Lozano and Lito Rivas

1. A story of ignorance and exploitation

The Bunawan capture, caging and Manila exhibition is a testament and proof of a never-ending offense and disrespect of humanity against wildlife and nature.

The capture was an arrogant human habit and heartless act, the caging and commercialization in an oppressive and abnormal abode was a crime against God’s creatures and the so-called Manila’s high-end exhibition at the National Museum an expression of mediocre showbiz-like escapist entertainment for the capital’s jungle dwellers.

It is also a way of saying we need to capture more giant creatures found in our country to entertain and awe us more. Truly a mirror of a lowly human mentality.

So who says we are an evolving specie? Or maybe we should so we can be more sensitive and intelligent of other creatures regardless where and how they live. Not pretending to honor them when they’re already dead, chop into pieces and hang on ceilings. How civilize can we get.

Because Lolong became the star of the museum complex-the flying crocodile- as some teased and sounds humiliating one wonders if the people behind it would ever say, thank you Lolong for the sponsorship money and the attention. Do not decay, we want your bones hang for a long, long time.

The town, province and regional authorities of Agusan del Sur, some of human croc kind, must be shedding crocodile tears because he slipped away by mistreating him ignorantly through a “house arrest” made of concrete, concrete and barb wires to be ogled at like a clown.

What living creature, human and wildlife would live abnormally like that? Wouldn’t you be depressed and rather die? Are they not sensible enough to understand and comprehend wildlife?

Let this be a lesson. The real challenge is to recognize and respect wildlife where they belong, their habitat, their territory, their way of life. Not the way we want them to be or make money out of them.

2.In the kingdom of Crocodiles, they hang a man

In the crocodile territory often disturb by human intruders they hang a sample of a bully named Dodong. They hang him at the mud museum of outdoor bullies to warn their young from danger.

They painted Dodong-the human bully with white as a symbol of a ghost not coming back but to get stuck up forever as punishment for invading their place. White is the symbol of greed, ignorance and cruelty to other creatures on Earth, which to them represents man and his kind.

They hang him as a sign of protest against humiliation and disrespect towards them. It is also a reminder of what a man from the land is made of. It would be interesting to see a man transform to a white ghost hanging on s ceiling and ogled at by visiting crocs of all sizes.

Let this be a lesson to all.



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