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How to welcome the New Year with a bang

By Allain Bernaldez

Try something new, different, extra-ordinary this year. Start it now while the enthusiasm is fresh, the energy soaring.

Forget New Year’s resolution, somehow it doesn’t work. Instead, do meditation. Find a peaceful space, sit on a chair and close your eyes.

Just focus on silence. It is peace in action. I am sure it is hard for you to believe it. It is your lose. I myself long time ago didn’t believe it.

It was told to me by a retired one whovacationed in Japan and became a Zen practitioner. I mean the Zen spiritual and meditation practice in ancient Japan, not the loud and meaningless Zen of Zumba practiced by noisy over-endowed matrons trying to call attention to themselves.

What the nun told me I resented at first. I cannot imagine myself sitting in silence not even for a minute what more of an hour?)

Talking is my engine in life. Or so I thought. But I couldn’t help remember the gentle nun told me.

In silence you hear the bang. You see the light. In silence you renew yourself, and how you look at the world. In silence you keep welcoming the new day, with the excitement and enthusiasm like your old habit of welcoming the new year.

But here the fireworks are not up the sky but in your mind. But they do not explode, they float and you realize the dazzle settling in nothingness.

And it’s not empty, in fact it is full and accurate and clear than the noise biting you. That is the bang.

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