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Guide to Butuan’s early morning fitness

By Salvador Villegas

Who would think there’s a good, productive way and fitness-wise to spend early mornings in this so-called “ascending city by the river” because as the sun literally ascends you see the river in its gentle glory .

I am taking a walk for the first time at the already done “Butuan Riverwalk” because if there’s baywalk in other coastal cities, this one by the river of Agusan is more dramatic to see and feel.

The place is along Datu Silongan District extending farther to the PPA side.

It’s a perfect corner to any form of stretching, from jogging, brisk walk and Tai chi. Only a few behave and polite citizens have discovered it and maybe that is good enough. The serenity and sacredness of the early morning complete the young day. 

Please, no annoying and vulgar Zumba group with its unhealthy screaming sound. We have enough of those like the one held at the front of a small hotel facing Gaisano disrespecting and disturbing the tranquility of the morning.

I wonder if the instructors and matrons understand real fitness is more than just socializing and trying hard to seek attention. Someone should lecture them to do it in an appropriate venue like an indoor studio, not in a hotel parking lot.

The best sweat out is do the kayak which student athletes did and made everyone appreciate its power and strength. I learned they made good at the national kayak competitions. They are an inspiring sight, you can sense their discipline and youthful professionalism.

Want a tranquil, seemingly isolated stroll or jog amidst shaded trees? You can have that at the news unnamed street ahead the City Hall and  leading to Ochoa Avenue and Langihan Road. In one corner of the street there is a perfect sunrise view framed with hanging leaves of the tree branches.

But if one seeks to explore more other fitness venues, there’s the PPA ground, again by the river, and definitely the Libertad Sports Complex but even more interesting and ideal is the Butuan City Poly Sports Complex in Barangay Tiniwisan. But an undiscovered one is the football field at Caraga State University although it seems to need maintenance and attention. But the quiet atmosphere is inviting enough.

I say, rise with the ascending sun, and in Butuan, by the tranquil river, with a full promise.

Artwork courtesy of Pinterest

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