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Got cell phone and don’t answer? How rude can you get!

By Arvie Lapis

Isn’t it frustrating that your friends and colleagues don’t bother to answer you the minute you text them? You wait for awhile, and some time but no reply.

Alright, they may be a little busy but hello, all the time in their waking lives even before and after office work or even on weekends and holidays?

Isn’t that a reflection of unprofessionalism or incivility, or worse, rudeness?

Well, it is, to be honest about it. It’s like knocking in the front door of the house and you know he/she is inside but he/she does not care to open it even acknowledge your presence, instead disappear or hide.

This kind of people think it is their right not to answer you because they don’t care or too insensitive and yes, ignorant of ethical standard.

To think most of them are “highly educated”- lawyers, academicians, government employees, etc, but they don’t practice or realized what they are made of.

Thanks God , not all people are like them. Like the lowly and humbled overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), the street vendors, even security guards, lost no time to acknowledge your text, query, even word of thanks.

These are the people, it seems, who understand and value the meaning of high-tech communication meant for the educated set, at least in this time and age. But you ended up asking who are the real educated ones.

But how could these insensitive cell phone owners turned ignoramuses be rude without knowing it?

How could they not be kind and civil to text you back to inform you they are busy at the moment so please hold on a minute, an hour, a day? What is so hard to that?

Maybe the problem is upbringing? You bet it is. Their parents, for sure, didn’t teach them the admirably traditional “good manners and right conduct” or the mere “thank you” and “please”.

Even if these are simple words, they reflect the classic values of sensitivity, respect and kindness, and how far is the person made use of his/her education.

Come to think of it, by not acknowledging a text is equivalent to snubbing a person when you encounter him/her in the street or mall.

If it isn’t rude and arrogance, then it must be blindness. Yes, blind in practicing ethics, and most people we expect to do this because they are supposed to be schooled, don’t have it.

Editor’s note: The author is a newly graduate college student from a state university.

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