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Enough with white Christmas mentality, celebrate with native colors


By H L Bertido

Isn’t it sickening to dream of white Christmas filled with snow?

Hello people! If snow do fall in this country Christmas time, then half of the population will freeze to death and only the funeral parlors will have a grand Christmas time.

Now, why do people even sing it when it sounds ridiculous, embarrassing and unpatriotic. Or we’re making a fool of ourselves. Enough of “colonial mentality” lease.

Change the lyrics! Blame it of course to the disturbing feudal mentality fixation that offers nothing but illusion.

Christmas, take it or leave it, is feeding the pathetic meaningless side of our holiday consciousness from the real meaning of it all-the birth of the holy teacher, the son of God, Jesus Christ.

Some unlearned colonial diehard think it’s okay to toe the line without critical thought but why not be true to ourselves, to be in touch with reality we live and truthfully express our creative humanity.

Thanks God the creative awakening of many Pinoys get into indigenous material expressions. Even better with the utilization of discarded materials like plastic bottles, tires, empty bottles and what not.

This is the real authentic expression of the birth of the savior-unleashing our original creative spirit, a reflection of our great love and offering. The saints up there must be smiling and proud of our-how do you call it-native offering.

It pays to be original. If we keep on dreaming of foreign realities then it numbs our identity as Filipino Christians celebrating Christmas. Why for goodness sake seek snowman when he does not live here?

Let us focus on the lively, colorful terrain of our true Christmas scene. One that is uniquely ours, with our two feet standing on the ground.

A native-inspired true Christmas to all.

Photos Omar Arellano

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