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Enough of naming streets honoring politicians

By Nestor Garcia

Why are we Filipinos fond of naming streets in honor or pleasing “advanced” politicians and their successors who mostly overstayed in positions and had not done any outstanding feat for the community except widen their family’s political base?

It’s obvious either the politician’s family influence or his/her party-mates “utang na loob” and fixation who want him/her remembered for his/her gallant ways and has nothing to do with at all with the general population’s affection and concrete appreciation.

A case in point was the naming of a municipality of a national politician’s mother’s name the locals had never heard of and had not done anything good at all because she came from another island. It was clear it was done to flatter and solicit “affection” from the “high and mighty” who is expected to return the favor for much anticipated progress that hardly came.

Honoring a leader is a fine quest provided he/she has done an outstanding, admirable and humble deed throughout his career as a politician and a brilliant example of humanity.

But do you think today’s politicians and leaders qualify to be honored at whatever cost when they jump from one political party to the other, hop and change positions and stand on issues and concerns, one would hardly know his/her true sentiment for the sake of people’s welfare.

Is this not a gross and devious reflection of “walay baruganan (no principle)?” Madlang pipol, it’s time to check our values.

Now, instead of having politicians name, why not name and highlight good character values that be emulated by all specially young, texting people to remind and guide them truthful and lasting values and principles of this lifetime? These are strong reminders and serve as posts of strength and integrity.

Why not sensible street names like “Kogihan” Street (hardworking), “Hustisya” Avenue(Justice), “Matarong” Corner (Righteous), “Makiangayon” Boulevard (Fair), “Masinabtonon” Curve (Understanding), even “Mapa-hiyumon”Highway (Smiling).

How about that for a real remembrance of a woman worthy of respect.

In effect, we are doing ourselves and succeeding generations the pride and wisdom of standing side-by-side with a leader who is truly one-of-a-kind who made a difference in our lives. It’s time too to recognize a true hero of the people, not only of party-mates.

Photo courtesy of Ed Diokno

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