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Eat (relentlessly) now, suffer later

By H L Bertido

No let’s talk food, not just any holiday food but real healthy food to keep you going. You want better, memorable Christmas after Christmas, don’t you?

So what better time to talk about and ponder it but now or next month you’ll drop dead. Seriously, I am no kidding but I am not scaring you.

Last year, after the Christmas holiday binge, a friend had stroke, apparently after eating his favorite animal foods he literally collapsed but luckily survived the following months on a wheelchair.

At 45, he now swears goodbye to abusing himself to meat and other oily products.”No more cook animals on my dining table, only plants and fish,” he declares.

The once college athlete turned voracious eater and soft drink addict tripled his weight and never exercise plus beer, beer, beer.

“I became like everyone else, consumed with work and family–to have food on the table, financial security and a better future. Now I don’t know I’ll have them because I’ve neglected the most important part of my life-conscious of the right food any time of the year. I never listen to the studies from experts,” he said.

He kept refusing the invitation of a friend to eat at the vegetarian restaurant because he prefers “normal food.” Now, he realized what normal food got him.

Most people also drop off their discipline or plan to exercise and eat relentlessly on Christmas season because as they say it’s the time of year to indulge holiday foods at all cost, parties after parties.

They also set aside regular exercise because “it can wait,” “not that important,” “this is the time to eat, eat, eat.”

I say good luck, hope your fats don’t make you ugly and unhealthy.

Most people don’t know the more they eat, the more they should exercise (even if it makes them lazy to do it or even more around). It’s never “eat- now, stretch- one- month- later.”

This is the negative side of Christmas season, it makes everyone lazy and full of excuses to exercise.
They must have love their useless fats to death.

Well, take your pick-diabetes, hypertension or obesity.

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