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‘Don’t make Libjo, Dinagat Islands like overcrowded, filthy Boracay’

By James  HLang

I read with anticipation the exciting feature stories of Libjo, Dinagat Islands as written by two acknowledged travel writers Ramon Jorge Sarabosing and Bryan Edulzura.

The accompanying pictures are indeed inviting and irresistible. I think every traveler-adventurers will like to go there and experience the beauty of the place.

But I hope the local-host stakeholders especially the local government unit (LGU) learned the disgusting lessons of Boracay’s greed and filth. Or promising Libjo would end up a “cesspool,” exploited and abused.

I pray the local, regional and national powers-that-be will be serious and sincere with political will when it comes to strictly implement the balance and control of financial gain and protection of the environment by disciplining crowd control and practice wisdom of the host concerned.

Vital is the local stakeholders respect and vision of their “god-given paradise” and the sensitivity and adherence of laws of guest-travelers. I hope all of us, in this supposedly modern, civilize age, whether urban or rural-based agree on this idea and follow proactively.

The two travel authors should be commended for introducing us Libjo’s beautiful natural attractions with a promise of care and responsibility.

It is important and relevant to introduce a new place of destination to include the angle and issue of environmental protection and man’s endless appetite to make fast money at the expense of destruction, not easily visible and noticed, and experienced too late.

I personally look forward to go to Libjo very soon and cooperate the call to make the visit formal and a fruitful one. I think as visitors we all need to make lasting friendships, negotiations and memories.

Editor’s note: The concerned reader-writer is a retired balikbayan from the USA.

Photos Justine Goriding and Rhea Kristine Buenafe


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