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Don’t break your heart for me, I’m single, free and happy

By Ed Sumatra

“Magpa-firing squad ta pre sa Valentine’s,” a friend ask me half-jokingly. But I don’t find it funny. In fact I’m annoyed.

I don’t like helping perpetuate the idea that being single is no good to anyone, man, woman and in-between.

The days of disrespecting and making fond of, even bashing single people is over because society has learned to realize singlehood afforded anyone to achieve more in his/her chosen career and lifestyle.

If you must know single people have more varied choices in life, more focus, free and relax. You can’t say that to young married couples who after an extended honeymoon go through confusion, dissatisfaction, betrayal and even loss of affection and respect.
To some, it ends in expensive annulment and separation.

Most marriages do last too, but why marry if you feel you must adhere to the dictates of society when you have other plans and feel other sources of happiness and contentment are available in life?

And why marry at all if you know it’s a gamble, or haven’t you observe anything? There must be other productive way to run a meaningful, fulfilling life. Go ask a rising number of successful, contented singles. You find out singlehood is a blessing.

If you are scared to live alone all your life, then cling to someone who’ll probably get tired loving you. Since you are not ready for this, you’ll end up miserable, but I hope not. But you got what you want, didn’t you. All in the name of depending on someone for your dreamy happiness. Well, good luck.

Being single is not deadening or to be feared. It has to be embrace and celebrated. Questions like what if you get old, who will take care of you? Will life be complete without children and family?

Why can’t you not take care of yourself towards the peak of life, you’re a survivor, aren’t you? And are you so desperate you must have children around you and use them to take care of you? There are so many options now, though love to one’s family is one of them. it is not the only one.

Single people must be wise-and they are-they are forward-looking and mostly think out-of-the-box. They plan 20 years ahead. They like to invest in worthwhile matters, material or otherwise.

Besides, why should anyone worry or overly concerned when his/her lifestyle is healthy and appropriate? A clean, healthy an harmonious life is already a guarantee in itself. That is the prize of independence, finding your own strength and ability when you thought you don’t have it.

There is that unexplained feeling and only single people understand and know. Valentines for single happy people come in many packages and opportunities, not just romantic affairs.

Why should I allow myself to be fired at when freedom is my name? Maybe those unhappy, discontented and wronged married people be?

Artwork courtesy of Fine Art America

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