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Do not be afraid of silence

By Emma Fay Reyes and Ramil Gorra

MaryBeth feels down and she does not know why waking up to the endless sound -noise-of the radio her head is heavy.

When she turns it off and for a while, she is surprise how peaceful and light she feels. She decided to pray, not asking but conversing with god.

Rafael keeps mentoring and conferring with people at the office the whole day towards the weekend. When he gets home, he hears his wife complains and his young children demands for his time. He has no time for himself.

One early morning he takes a walk and discovers  beautiful, easy atmosphere: silence.

As he was walking, thin king of nothing, his mind in void, he didn’t realize he was meditating and as silence engulfs him, he finds so much peace. His mind one with the sky, wide and free and light.

Many people do not know this. When they are burdened, feeling sad and confused they turn to TV or hand-held gadgets to escape the turbulence of their minds. They feel good for a while but it’s never an assuring feeling, deep and comforting. It keeps coming again and again. They have not found real peace.

Real peace can be found in silence, and silence is found within yourself, being open to the possibility of a peaceful mind. That is the start. Peace and silence go together. Like rain touching your skin, refreshing your body and soul.

Do not be afraid of silence. Do not be lured to the chatter of voices and its fake assurances. You will never find peace of mind if you follow where “madlang people” go.

But you think it’s impossible to find peace of mind as a day-to-day endeavor, you are programmed and addicted to noise since you were young. Our parents initiated it, they watch TV, argue and scream at each other. The neighbors are disrespectful and couldn’t care less f the noise they spread the neighborhood.

The only quite time you have is when you go to the church, and you keep asking and asking favors from god.

Like everyone, you are a taker. You take the noise from all over, that is why there is no peace within you. You have not experience the beautiful world of silence.

Editor’s note: The authors discovered peace in a meditation and prayer retreat in an interfaith encounter-study.

Artwork courtesy of Wolfgang Harms

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