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Come, flirt, feast in Dinagat Island

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

There is much flirting to do when sailing to Dinagat Island, in particular to the town of Loreto on the western side.

The subjects are the numerous rock formations strewn all over the coast, some shaped like ritual altars and cupcakes and others that will leave you dazzle and hope all the sights will remain forever, if you know the environmental threat that comes with it.

It is hard to resist the tempting coves tucked in corners, islets and tiny white sand beaches glimmering and the deep blue sea perfect for diving and marine exploration for sustainability.

Look up and connect to the green-covered limestone hills, one or two resembling leaning pyramids. There’s even one hill that shapes like a ball!

The four-hour ride from mainland Surigao City is an exciting feast in the eyes that will surely inspire you to know and scrutinize the beauty and potential of the land not meant and never should have been exploited or soon left wasted.

There is definitely much to discover and celebrate this beautiful, mysterious island while it’s still generally green (this side at least).

Never mind the heartless destruction of the mining industry that should be seriously deal with, (Here’s hoping the whole humanity will not allow it.)

In this case, there is no way you flirt with destruction or else…

Dinagat awaits you with God-given gifts of nature. Its flora and fauna are abundant and given importance, its mountain forest remains thick (but in danger), and people so humble and kind.

All the reasons why you truly fall in love with Dinagat. Yes, this island in the Pacific.

Photos Brian Lawas

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